Break From The System

Break From The System

Creatia is dedicated to help us break free from the “System”.

The System is that highly influencial part of the society we live in, which having no real direction-except random chaos, programs our thoughts, belief system and values (sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse). It is instant rather than ancient wisdom. It contradicts rather than complement, it drags us all along that mighty current, though many never realize it even exists.

Creatia promotes some simple steps for real life awareness…

1. Accept the evidence of a Creator

Realize that the SYSTEM is programming us.

if your are unaware then you cannot reprogram!

2. Begin societal and self analyization

in order to carefully select those ideas, influences and philosophies which

you will accept as valid and true.

3. Re-orient you life in line with a CREATOR based awareness

4. Get on the road of spiritual enlightenment.

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