Masters of Reality

Absolute Reality

Absolute Reality can be thought of as the ultimate truth of our existence and the true nature of all things. It reveals the answer to all questions. It contains only absolute truth and reconciles all apparent contradictions and inigmas. Yet this reality may always be beyond man’s reach to attain.

Relative External Reality

Man is subject to the physical laws of the universe and its effects. He is limited by his sensory perceptions and what they tell him about his environment. His five senses along with the “universe” he exists in, immutably control his perception of reality. Reality to man is relatve –relative to his ability to perceive and/or lack thereof.

For example, REALITY seams is porportional to SOLIDTY. The more solid an object, the more real it seems. A chair one sits on is very real. On the other hand, air (if it were not for the effects of wind) seems non-existent. Man has a difficult time conceiving of the invisable or concepts such as infinity as real.

Hence the idea of a Creator/Programmer that can not be perceived (by our standard physical senses) is hard to believe as real.

Ultimately, man can measure and test only “shadows” of the Absolute Reality, which by circumstances, the creature-Homo sapien will never know.

ALL our science really knows is:

there is more to our existence than we will ever know!

However, the shadows do relate and resemble the Absolute Reality. They represent that part of Absolute Reality which can be perceived within this bubble of existence and its demensional limitations. Much can be learned of our true existence by measuring all we can.

Internal Reality

That part of the mind that creates a universe of thought, powered by limitless imagination, existing microsecond by microsecond in the “now” yet not limited by time or space. The “Infinite” with Infinite capacity. Though it can draw from the past (memories) or imagine the future, It can only exist in the “now”!

It is supreme to external reality, in that in it all things are concieved first. Or, with it all things are understood.

Ordered thought manifests as language. It is used as a code, whether spoken, written or projected. Yet, this code can only roughly convey a thought from one Internal Reality (I.R.) to another person’s I.R. as it has to pass through Relative Reality first. As such, it is then constained by the limitations of perception by Relative Reality.

Physical manefestations are the effect of thought. Man must first concieve or create in a purely imaginary form –I.R. Then our physical world is affected. Therefore, all physical manifistations, whether man made or not, are the effect of thought.

Organized thought is language. The ultimate organized thought would therefore have the ultimate language. Actually, the thought or conscientiousness would be the language! The ultimate programmer could be thought of as being this language, concept or word. Whatever else is true of the “Creation”, it does apparently have order. Very high forms of order. It therefore represents a physical manifistation of reason.

Interestingly, the book of John says in 1:1 “In the beginning was the word and the word was God…..” God is LOGOS (Greek for word or the rational principle of the cosmos).

Programmer’s Existence by Sapeint Deduction

Molecular biology, Cosmology, Information theory, and the immutable laws of physics- all force a conclusion of intelligent design. Design by thought! “The stuff of this world is mind stuff”.

In living creatures, the design is implemented by DNA.The Creator is the DNA programmer, we are the program. The DNA code is more complex than We know (through the science of cybernetics and information theory) that the program is, by design, prevented from completely interfacing with the programmer. This is to perseve the integrity of the program. Thus, Absolute Reality must include those elements that are beyond the created mind’s ability to perceive-including the Creator himself.

No real imperical evidence exist to indicate that our existence was derived from purely natural, random processes. Laboratory experiments to test the macroevolution hypothesis have failed. Life can never originate from non-life. This is due in large part to the conflict our physical laws have with the processes needed to “make” evolution work.

However, the same can be said for a Creator based model. Where is the direct evidence of his existence? There is none. Yet, Creation is plausable because it is the only explanation left when Evolution is ruled out. The measured data of this existence and of the origins of life rule it out. Natural processes have been scientifically proven not to be responsible for our current existence.

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