Religion and Science

Religion and Science

The Search for Truth and Understanding

Religion and science have fluctuated considerably with the variations and proportions of agreement and disagreement between the two disciplines throughout the history of human events. This is especially true and may be more emphatically demonstrated when discussions about cosmology and origins are considered.

In the TIMELINE we attempt to delineate in a pictorial manner the congruities and differences between religion and science at various points along the way in recorded history, at least as far as the discussions about cosmology and origins are/were concerned.

At Creatia, we hypothesize that religion and science got along with one another in ancient times and, also, during the earlier centuries of the Common Era. Also, in spite of all the disagreement that representatives of both religion and science have had with one another over the centuries from approximately the A.D. 700’s through the latter half of our current twentieth century, we maintain that the turn of our present century into Y2K has an academic and experiential audience bursting with anticipation to bring persons of religion and science back together with the same closeness of purpose and discovery that once held true in ancient times.

It is the desire of Creatia’s editorial staff to assist, in a general way, viewers of this TIME LINE to grasp the ongoing history behind the ferment within religion and science about cosmology and origins in the past so that the future may abound with movement directed toward increasing impartial cooperation between these and all relevant disciplines. You can link to specific articles about each historical time period by clicking on the green buttons on the TIME LINE.

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