The Creator

The Creator is Love

All the commandments of God, all the special revelation, all the good things you do, all the miracles, all the prophecies, all the prayers, all the steps to salvation, they can be redefined in one word- LOVE!

Salvation is realizing just how much he loves us.

Our only RSVP requested from God: to LOVE. To let his LOVE flow through us.

Love is the answer

The problems in this world can only find solution with LOVE.

Man has willingly brought upon himself most (if not all) of the misery he experiences because he does not truly love. Without love, even doing the right thing can go totally wrong!!

Jesus gave only one new commandment . We must love each other!

A new commandment I give to you: Love one another!!! that means your family, your friends but also those you don’t know, those you do and don’t like- their actions or words- in other words, even those who are out to get you- your enemies. Especially your enemies!

You see, Jesus says that even the unenlightened world loves those they get along with! That isn’t special. The only defining mark of one who knows the Creator- supernatural, unconditional love!!

Truth can Kill

The Creator’s truth in the Hebrew scriptures, New Testament,Koran or any other book “is a good thang!” Yet ,without love , i t will kill us all! (check out the Spanish Inquisition).

Truth is truth

Since we exist in a universe with specific properties, not all theories or beliefs (especially dichotometric ones ) can be true.

Truth however, is universal, non-denominational and non-sectarian. No group, religion or philosophy can patent truth.

Neither can the search for truth be restricted by any unproven theory.

Good science is simply the search for truth.

Truth seekers should unite in identifying common truths and support them:

Recognizing the importance of Love

Moral Goodness

Basic human rights

The divine nature of artistic expressions

and so of coarse….belief in a Creator!!

We should also agree in common evils to combat. i.e.. Human rights abuses, misinformation, violence, environmental destruction, pain and suffering and diseases.

Wisdom has many children.

Jesus and John’s ministries were vastly different. John neither ate nor drank alcohol. Jesus did both and was called a drunkard by some (Luke 7:33). People are different, their life experiences are different. The divine purpose is not for us to conform to one particular human mold. The Creator wants to harmonize each infinity unique individual into a glorious chorus. I’ve got news for you, we are all singing harmony, no-unison allowed.


No one has all the answers or all the truth. No religious Book is complete in knowledge. We will never have “it all together”.

Saint Paul the apostle wrote the majority of the New Testament and was without question the greatest evangelist and teacher of the Christian faith. He admitted that he didn’t have all the answers. He said ” Now I see through a mirror dimly…”


“Faith is the evidence of things not seen” . At some point, we must all exercise faith. So trust in the Creator.

Do your best…Trust God to do the rest!!

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